Friday, 6 August 2010

4 new interns - your help required

Over the past few years we have flourished as a church, in part because of our Intern Program. This program has helped us to resource areas of church life way beyond what Scott, Karen & myself can cover. To be honest, much of the day-to-day running of RFC has been done by our interns.

In September, we have 4 new interns starting: Josh B, Sam, Angie, Josh J. It costs the church about £400 per month per intern, and they in turn commit to raising half of that through people sponsoring them. That's where your help is needed.

So here's the ask, would you please consider sponsoring an intern for £10-£20 per month for 11 months. If you can't do 11 months, would you consider a one off gift to help them. Liz and I will be spreading our sponsorship across them all - but you can also chose to sponsor just one. In case you don't know them or what they will be doing, here they are:

Sam (Left) will be supporting Sarah Horne in our Kids Church as well as leading into our Youth Work. He will be living with Richard Walker so will be well fed!

Angie will be leading our Media Team, which means she will live and breath our website, flyers, graphics and video production!

Josh John (left) will be supporting Kat Starling and our growing company of musicians. One of his first projects will be to produce a CD of the songs they have been writing over the past few years - RFC will be booking a recording studio!

Josh Betts (right) will be supporting our students on campus and ensuring they are plugged into the life @ RFC. He will also be supporting Scott in our evangelistic events.

Let's support them in prayer and money as they set aside a year to help RFC grow into all God has for her. If you do have any questions, please talk to Scott or one of the interns directly, as I'm not around for the next 3 weeks.

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