Monday, 19 July 2010

Thoughts on South Street

Its been almost 6 months since we started our evening meeting in the town centre. Last night, 48 people gathered at South Street Arts Centre and about 20 of us went to the pub afterwards.
I have been giving our evening meeting a lot of thought recently and here are some of my conclusions.
  • We are now gathering new people, both from the surrounding area and those who can't make a morning meeting. We hoped to open a new door into the town and that IS happening.
  • The meeting is taking on its own identity - new people, a different location, and a funky venue is creating a new expression of RFC.
  • It is genuinely exciting - it has the feel of something 'small yet at the beginning'.
  • We have two key prophetic words: 'it already has momentum' and 'God is building with many different shape stones'. Last night we had another significant contribution 'take heart for God has many people in this city.'
  • It is very hard work yet there is a real buzz about it.
Our immediate challenge is to get through July & August whilst building community and serving teams from within the evening congregation. Our longer term goal is that no morning RFCers be required to make the evening happen (except the preacher and maybe a worship leader).

Please do continue to pray for this faith venture, it has been a strong start but we've yet to see anyone saved nor is there yet a lifegroup with just South Street attenders in it.


Anonymous said...

By going to the pub after church on the Sabbath, you may well come accross as lowering yourself to the ways of the world? You will rarely bring people up to your level but they could so easily bring you down to theirs.
People will soon lose respect for you and what you believe in if they think you are not fully committed to that which you profess to believe in. Are you of the world or truly of God?

Why are you supporting the Devil’s work on His day? Are you all really honouring God in this place and truly evengelising or are some of you trying to just "fit in" by just socialising?

FloydTheBarber said...

By posting an anonymous drive by comment on a blog, you may well come across as lowering yourself to the ways of the world? You will rarely encourage and affirm the good, but instead bring people down to your level.

People will soon stop responding to your comments, if they realise you are fully committed to Pharisaical outward standards rather than the Truth you profess to believe in.

Why are you calling part of God's good creation evil? Why do you only give Jesus a day? Go to Him, you who are weary and heavy laden, and He will give you Sabbath.

Are you really honouring God in this comments section, or are you trying to 'stand out' by making up a bunch of cross minimising rules?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what a drive by comment is as I have never felt compelled to write on a blog before and incidentally, I only wrote anonymously (my name is Susan by the way) as not living or worshipping in the Reading area you wouldn't know me anyway and I wasn't aware that it would make give me a label of Pharisite!! ( a little harsh?)

Most non church people will recognise only Sunday as the Sabbath so by avoiding joining in with them in a place that is definitely a man made creation and not part of God's good creation on this particular day,we will be seen to be standing out from the crowd and therefore be of something different.
Too often we do try to blend in too much. I certainly would love to stand out as much as I can from the crowd and so be seen to be of God, 7 days a week.

Sory "Floyd the Barber" but we'll probably have to agree to disagree on this one.

FloydTheBarber said...

I know what you're getting at, i just happen to live in an area (not Reading by the way) where the standards you've mentioned have more or less replaced authentic Christianity. 'Go here, wear that, say this, and then God will love you.'

You know Jesus broke the Sabbath a lot. If you read John, that's why the Pharisees come after him to start with. It's only cos of 5:9 we get 5:18. Luke reports that the religious leader hated Jesus because he received sinners and ate with them. (15:2)

I'm just saying.