Tuesday, 6 July 2010

14 years together

So much has happened since Liz said "I do" at the Kerith Centre in Bracknell 14 years ago.

God has given us three children (who spent most of breakfast this morning laughing at our funny stories) and I've left working in the world of IT. He has set us in a wonderful spiritual family in Reading (RFC, we love you guys). Our heavenly Father has blessed us richly with friends, a lovely home, and a compelling vision for our lives together.

Today is about our love for each other and the goodness of our saviour. Without him at work in our marriage, I suspect we wouldn't make it. But He is. And so with great confidence we prayed as family over the breakfast table for another 40 years together!

And yes, she is still a fox!


irene m said...

Congratulations to you both...God is Good

Pete Cornford said...

Wow amazing!!!! what a great couple love to you both