Friday, 4 June 2010

Dead to Sin

On Sunday I am preaching from Romans 6:1-14. To be honest, when I first read it, I got confused and lost the central thread of the text! Not a great start when preparing a sermon.

That was on Wednesday. Today is Friday and now that the passage has soaked in heart & mind over the past few days, I can confidently & faithfully write up my sermon. I find this a really helpful way of getting into a bible text - to read it then let it seep into in my soul over a few days.

Like me, we all need The Holy Spirit to illuminate the truth that 'we are to count ourselves dead to sin' - this is a statement, not an exhortation. We need this reality to live with us and this truth to set us free from Sin & sinful ways.

Please do try to read Romans 6:1-14 between now and Sunday, it will help prepare the ground of your heart to receive this wonderful truth.

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