Sunday, 27 June 2010

Bournemouth Pier to Pier swim

It was sunny, calm and a crazy mass start as 1200 of us entered the sea by Bournemouth Pier to swim 1.4miles along the beach to Boscombe Pier.
The water was warm and never got more than 8ft deep, even when swimming 150m off the shore. The mass start was a little frantic - Craig had the bright idea of us going near the front given 'we are club swimmers'. I got dunked, kicked and swum over a few times but it was all good natured. We managed to swim together for the first 10minutes but soon lost each other in the mass of red swim caps.It didn't take too long and I was in a rhythm, enjoying the swim. I can't swim straight so was probably annoying everyone but made steady progress along the marker buoys towards the pier.
Being a disciplined sort of fellow, I swam right up to the shallows (as predicted by Liz) to ensure I has swum every metre possible ... but meant my exit photo was rushed by Liz. I met Sean Dooley from Thameside church at the finish - annoyingly he didn't even look tired.
It was a great event ... thankyou to those who sponsored me. The ambitiously planned swim to the Isle of Wight next summer seems very do-able!


Richard Walker said...

Adrenaline makes us say the craziest things! ;-)
(ref last sentence)

Craig Mackay said...

Could you trim down that last photo a little bit ??!! ;-)

murrayzz1 said...

Thanks for this report and photos. I'm doing it for the first time this year, so it's good to read about other people's experiences.

There is now a Bournemouth Pier to Pier Facebook page at