Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Salvation, Healings & Sermons

Healing Meeting: It is difficult to capture in words the morning but words like expectant & joyful, exciting & normal, excellence & easiness, edgy & safe, delightful & Holy, all help to express the meeting! To see a 87 year man and a 6 year boy respond to the gospel was thrilling. In total, 7 people responded for salvation after Chris Kilby's message. Four people testified to instant healing; Hannah May's description of her throat constricting and then be released was amazing. I so enjoyed the ministry time at the end; it spilling into the pack up; people not wanting to leave their seats was a Holy, safe, wonderful mess!

Sermon Sunday:
It has been a while since we have done this and given the quality of the evening we must do this again this year! As hoped, we had five 7-minute nuggets of God's wisdom. If you weren't there on the night, do listen to them by clicking on their names: Rachel, William, Tom, Keith & Frank. At lifegroup this week, we shall be looking at what they said and how to further apply it to our lives.

New Sermon Series: This Sunday we start on our new series in Romans 6-8, and I expect this to take a few months ...

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