Friday, 28 May 2010

Building community @ RFC

One of the challenges of two congregations in different parts of Reading is ”How do we express our sense of community and identity, given we are growing & geographically dispersed?”. Essentially, this demands we become more intentional about creating moments where we gather altogether to have fun, build memories and enjoy being one church. On that basis here are a few dates for next month:

On Fathers’ Day (20 June), after the morning meeting at Reading Girls’ School we plan to have a BBQ, and a ‘Students v Everyone Else’ football match. We have also booked a climbing wall to add a fear element to the lunch time proceedings. Everyone is invited to this lunch time event.

We will also screen the England games at the church office (12 & 18 June @ 7:30, 23 June @ 3:30) so we can 'cheer' & 'boo' with other RFC fans! Bring your friends & snacks ... and be sensitive in what you drink.

Let’s have some more fun & intentionally express our unity as one church.

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