Thursday, 6 May 2010

Have you voted?

I have just cast mine.

I realize many of RFC aren't UK nationals so not eligible to vote, but for those of us who can, please do play your part and vote today.

Its going to be a fascinating 48hours!


Richard Walker said...

I put the kettle on, went across the road to vote and came back to a nice cup of tea, just after 7am.

I'm so English!!!

dave bish said...

Did you put the tea in your kettle? I had a good strong coffee and then crossed the road to vote, before heading off to work.

Richard Walker said...

Alas not. I was just too lazy to insert the word make after to.

I did feel bizarrely and quintessentially English though!

Craig Mackay said...

Tell me who and why...and I just might consider it.
Your time's running out tho...the sun is setting

Jon F from RFC (aka Johnny Foreigner) said...

Argh ! The only thing I didn't want as someone who can't vote is a hung parliament. This will probably mean a weaker pound, and that is not such a great idea.