Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jesus, Politics and Me

On Sunday 18th April we are starting a new sermon series ...

If you have any thoughts / questions to help shape this series, please do let me know. My aim is to make Jesus central in all our voting decisions on 6th May.

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brachypodiumpro said...

Did you see this in the news; Voting for BNP linked to social exclusion not Immigration.

'We (IPPR) therefore urge mainstream politicians to strongly resist the notion that people have been driven into the arms of the BNP by the harm immigration is causing to their communities. Instead, they must focus on building strong communities and strong education systems, and on rebuilding trust and confidence in democratic politics, so that marginalised people do not feeling so disconnected. This should allow them to both better serve the interests of these communities, and undercut support for the BNP.'