Thursday, 29 April 2010


Last night our Lifegroup went along to HOPE, RFC's ministry for adults with learning difficulties. It was brilliant (and very noisy!).

The evening started with a time of worship, with some of the songs done in the Makaton sign language, which was fun but tricky!

Keith spoke on the story of Jonah and encouraged them to follow God and call on Him when they needed help. When Keith mentioned the big fish, one of the residents shouted 'Big chips' and then hilarious laughter erupted ... the 'Big chips' catch phrase dogged Keith's story to the end!

The craft activity was fun - I helped a guy with his gluing & sticking and wrote his prayer request for him.

The HOPE team run these evenings twice a month and is led by Keith & Leslie Holland. RFC started in their house and now they are pioneering for us a truly inspiring 'work for Jesus'. Next time you see them, and the HOPE team, cheer them loudly on! (They are always looking for new team members).

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