Thursday, 15 April 2010

Breakfast with Ben Davies

Yesterday morning I had breakfast with a 70 year old barbarian. No-one seems to have told him to slow down or dim his passion for Jesus.

Ben is concerned that I am not radical enough. He asked if I saw myself 'in a zoo or a safari park; caged or roaming free?'.

Hmmm. I was hoping for a few Cumberland sausages whilst listening to his funny stories...

The truth is, like us all, I restrict & cage myself by my insecurities & desire to fit in.

I find myself trying to be somebody I'm not, rather than roaming around in the freedom I have in Christ. I need to stop conforming to expectations (mine or others) and radically pursue Jesus, and out of that, conform.

I don't want to be a safe husband or dad or friend or pastor. I certainly don't want to be caged; a safe exhibit on show. I do want to live in the freedom of seeking God, believing His word and acting on it.

Just for fun, I have plotted myself on the axis below ... where would you be?

Zoo / Caged 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Safari Park / Free


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Ros De Silva said...

Love it! Nobody keeps this baby in a corner or box or cage! ;-). I reckon I'm at 7. But wishing it was more!