Wednesday, 7 April 2010

1st night camping 2010 - part 2

What can I say?

DS games followed by my magnificent story about Sid the Squirrel, Timmy the Sheep, Fluffy the Rabbit & Alfie the Kingfisher. Had it not been for the constant interruptions and requests for clarifications, it could have won a Booker prize.

We then briefly played 'name that worship song' whilst making a body noise but the laughter soon drowned out any sense of progression in what should have been a very stimulating game.
Then came the tricky part of reducing the 'frenzy in a tent' to praying and sleeping ... let's just say it took some time.

I ended up sharing a mattress with Zoe 'ants in her pyjamas' Green. She was throwing shapes all night like I used to on the dance floor in the 80's.

Joshua's snoring has really progressed since we last slept side by side ... it's quite special.

Lucy woke up from 1am on the hour asking for help rearranging the bedding that the nocturnal groover had kicked off.

Net sleep for me, sub 4 hours at best, but it was fun ... apparently.

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Karen said...

Fantastic!! Will part 3 have pictures of Dad's pup tent pitched outside? :-)