Friday, 5 March 2010

Karena's funeral

Yesterday was a difficult day for many of us but it did have bright moments.

I thought our friends at Kerith Community Church served us so well as they hosted the funeral. They did a huge amount of work behind the scenes allowing us and others to mourn & remember Karena.

It was good that so many from RFC were able to be there, which was a real testament to our ever growing sense of community. I was so proud to be able to represent our church family.

I really enjoyed catching up with people and renewing old friendships. It's ironic that it sometimes takes a death to bring us back together.

But my real highlight was the solid foundation we have in the Gospel for processing Death. Jesus is a remarkable Saviour and He has won for us a sure and certain hope. Karena knew this and yesterday was a poignant reminder of this Gospel truth.

... and yes, Liz & I will miss her deeply.

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Gary said...

Thank you for being wonderful and for all your love and support to my dear brother and kids, keep in touch and look forward to seeing you in America or UK sometime, Gary