Monday, 22 March 2010

59 seconds

Running is a funny thing.

Yesterday I joined with 15,000 others to run the Reading Half Marathon, and like many, I chased a time. As such I remember little of the course. For me it was a 'triangle of focus': listening to my body, dealing with pain, maintaining pace.

The fruit of all this focus was running faster than I did last year. All that pain for 59 seconds. Had it been 59 seconds slower, I would have been disappointed. One year that will happen. But that wasn't yesterday, yesterday was 1:33:40.

I still hope to keep shaving off time each year and eventually run that mythical time of sub 1:30. This in itself is an arbitrary goal that no-one cares about except me.

Running is a very funny thing that reveals more of my complex psyche than I care to admit ...

... but I am happy. I paid the 'Pain Piper' and came out 59 seconds faster and that is worth blogging about!


jethro said...

that is a sweet time. you beat me by a cracking 12 minutes and 4 seconds. best of three?

Craig Mackay said...

Next year, take the handbrake off...and try a bit harder

Phil Whittall said...

Top effort Sean, us runners care about times, it's those moments when we are repaid for the effort, and it's sweet.