Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sunday Night @ South Street

Sunday Nights are now up and running and I for one am loving it. Numbers are still settling down but we have enough core RFC people to make it feel like us. New people are already starting to come along, which is a real encouragement.

The AV guys have been on a sharp learning curve but have done an amazing job hitting the tight set-up deadline. Having to manually reconfigure the lighting each week has been an unexpected pressure yet will be a great skill set for us to have.

The PA team had to fight with a few gremlins on Sunday but South Street's Sound Engineer has been impressed with our technical knowledge and efficiency (apparently we are the most organised set-up they have ever seen!).

The highlight of Sunday night for me was the presence of God after communion. To see the Spirit come, to see tears of joy and the prophetic in action was brilliant.

Sunday night at South Street is many things, one of which is that it is another opportunity to worship Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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