Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sunday night @ South Street

What a great first meeting!
83 of us gathered to kick off this faith venture and there were quite a few first time visitors. I met two ladies in their 60's who had been invited by a couple who have been coming to RFC only a few weeks themselves!

A crowd made their way to the pub after the meeting; this will be key for us getting to know new people (We will buy a visitor a soft drink if its their first time @ RFC).

It felt strange preaching the morning message again, trying not to simply replicate the same passion & emotions from the morning. I guess this is something I and others will have to work through.

My highlight though was seeing so many RFCers working hard to extend the God's kingdom through His church. God is raising up zealous Christ followers within our midst.
There are a few things we need to work on, the AV & SUPA teams were under time pressure which meant that the sound levels were a little high ... or maybe I'm just getting old! (Photos from Andy Twine)