Friday, 12 February 2010

Heading home

Last Saturday whilst out running, I came across a 91 year man who had collapsed whilst walking along the Thames. As I cradled him in my arms, shouting for help, his eyes rolled and I thought he was dying. Once the ambulance had arrived (he was going to be OK), and I continued on with my run, the emotion of the moment hit me - the prospect of a stranger dying so physically close to me was too much.

The prospect of Karena's death is different to this fleeting, yet poignant encounter.

I know and love Karena (and her husband and her children), she is no stranger to me. And Karena is dying well. This may seem a strange thing to say, yet it is deeply meaningful for those who know & love Jesus. Karena demonstrated her faith & trust in Jesus to her last conscious breath. Her family are doing the same and will continue to do so after her last breath.

We all want to finish like she is, full of faith in a good God. When I die, I hope my family grieves deeply whilst trusting in God's promises.

Jim (91) made it to the ambulance and presumably to his home the same day. Karena (48), will soon make her last breath and then be immediately at her final and permanent home, with Jesus, the one she treasures above all.


Big Sis said...

Thanks Sean for looking after my lovely brother Craig. It's great to know someone is there with him when he needs them.

irene m said...

Sean....Just read the news about Karena and wanted to send love and prayers to you and Liz and also to everyone and friends Reading Family Church...

May God grant you all much peace over these coming days.