Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Facebook deactivated

So I finally decided to pull the plug on facebook and eliminate my presence there. I had to be very persistent to navigate the hurdles designed to stop me taking this brave & bold decision.

That was 3 hours ago and I now feel like I've got a hole in my virtual world. Its so funny that when you choose to not have something, suddenly your aware of its absence, and you miss it. I'm sure the feeling will fade ...
I do find it curious that I felt I had to deactivate my account rather than simply ignore it. I suspect it is another symptom of my desire for a tidy world with no unattended/overlooked edges!

Either way, old school email is now my contact method of choice.
(Disappointingly I only have to log back in to facebook with my old account details and it all gets reinstated ... A fact that rather reduced the drama of the experience)


Anonymous said...

Hey Sean,
I don't think you're being committed to deleting your FB account...
So if you are serious you can use this site to permanently delete your account and it changes your password so you can't log back in!!
Ignoring the site name itself, it looks to be quite good!
Loving your blogs as always,
Mr Steviebwoy Waldron

dave bish said...

So long as you keep blogging.

Sean Green said...

Annoyingly I wanted some photos of people yesterday for my sermon illustrations and had to ask a mutual friend to get them from their facebook account. Arrgggh! My plan is already working against me!

philgroom said...

Forgive the blunt question but: why?