Tuesday, 2 February 2010

3 days of prayer

Tomorrow we start three days of Prayer & Fasting as a church... and there is a lot to give thanks to God for:

  • One of the people on last term's Alpha course (who became a Christian) was filled with the Holy Spirit on Sunday whilst taking communion!
  • Our average attendance in January was up 22% from Jan 09 , just one of the signs of God's work amongst us!
  • This Sunday we start our evening meetings at South Street and the team of 50 is taking shape!

We have three prayer meetings planned this week:

  • Wed 8 - 9:30pm at the church offices.
  • Thurs 8 - 10pm with Thameside Church, here at our offices.
  • Fri 8 - 10pm, again here at the church offices (top floor).

In one sense, there is never a good time to Pray & Fast, so please decide to clear your diary and get along to these gatherings ... we have much to give thanks for and plenty to ask God to break in on!

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