Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sunday nights at South Street

In 12 days time (Feb 7th) we will be starting our evening meetings at South Street Arts Centre. I am really excited by this new faith venture and expect God to use it to build His Kingdom here in Reading.

When I chatted all this through with my friend Jonathan Bell he advised me to build a core of people who will commit to weekly being part of this for the first six months.

So, would you please consider commiting the next six months of Sunday evenings to attending our South Street meetings. I think we need 50 or so friendly RFC faces to make it feel like us.

Its a big ask, and may mean serving in the morning and then coming out again in the evening, but that's how things get built in God's Kingdom; through faith, hard work & sacrifice.

Come and be part of what God is going to do through us meeting in an Arts Centre! (And it's going to be great fun!)

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Anonymous said...

Count me in, only a stones throw away :) Darren x