Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sunday night @ South Street

We've talked about this, given our money, signed contracts and now we get to plug in our instruments, set up chairs, put on hi-vis jackets and welcome RFC'ers to our new Sunday evening home!

This Sunday is our first ever gathering at our new evening venue South Street Arts Centre . I am really looking forward to getting inside and experiencing a foretaste of what it will be like.

There's plenty of parking there and we can use our office parking as an overflow if required. The evening starts at 6:30pm so arrive early and be part of 'RFC history in the making'.

I fully expect God to continue to do great things as we gather & scatter throughout 2010 ... I'll fill in some of the details then. In essence, we are 'In Reading, For Reading' and we will continue to persue faith, hope & love.


irene m said...

Hey Sean..hope all goes well for you guys as you begin to gather on Sunday evenings....

I love that wee phrase.."plenty of parking"...but think I am just jealous..I want " plenty of parking " here too.!! LOL

FloydTheBarber said...

I 'like' this very much, even tho i can only communicate in facebookisms these days.

when we have lunch on sunday, you'll be about starting, we're praying for you.