Sunday, 10 January 2010

RFC heroes

Today was one of those Sundays when we shine as a community endeavouring to serve one another. As 170 gathered to worship Jesus amidst snow chaos, many of us were unaware of how much went into making the meeting happen:

Andy Twine and the SUPA Team (Set-Up Pack Away) were one of the first at the school and ensured everything got set up & looked 'normal'.

James Whitney's Host Team did a great job with the challenge of reduced parking spaces and welcoming those who couldn't get to their normal church. Andrew & Jenny Boctor served up a lot of fresh coffee & toast which was much appreciated by all (expect my son who had his first Twinings herbal tea but with milk ... aarrgh!)

Kat LaFontaine & Sarah Horne led the Kids Teams really well despite volunteers not able to make it ... my children had a great time with them.

Josh John & the band managed to practice on a snowy Friday night, which was in evidence as they sensitively responded the Holy Spirit's work amongst us.

Pete Horne (PA team) and Chris Poston (AV team) had one of their 'mare' mornings but for the most part it was hidden from our ears/view! Yet again they fought technology on our behalf.

A great team effort ... but the real hero of the morning was Jesus. In the worship He met with us, and in the preach His finished work was applied to us. It's so good to be part of Jesus' church.

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