Wednesday, 20 January 2010

An artist's appeal

Please see request from Elli Bottrall, one of the artists in our church:

My name’s Elli Bottrall and I’m writing to see if you’re interested in participating in my final year art project. Over the last term I have been exploring the theme of ‘Human Dignity’ and the historical and social issues/questions arising from it as part of my art practice.

Personal stories/accounts are some of the most powerful ways to impact others, and for my final exhibition I’m hoping to engage viewers by collecting a range of perspectives and responses from a whole cross section of people.

Here’s the proposition:
If you had the opportunity to write a completely anonymous letter which would be read by someone you didn’t know (member of the public), what things would you most want to share with them about life and your experience of it? You don’t need to over-think it, but if you’re stuck the following questions might be helpful to get you going:
· Has there been a situation or person that has had a big impact on you, good or bad?
· What has been one the most significant challenges you have had to face? How did you deal with it?
· What would you say is a unique aspect of your personality/quirky habit you do that not many people know about?
· Is there a local or global issue you especially want to bring to the attention of your reader? Why?
· Are there any questions you want to pose to your prospective reader?

I realise I am asking a lot from you and you’re not at all obliged to take part but hopefully it will be just as interesting and illuminating for you to write as it will be for others to read! The benefit of this is that because it is anonymous you can be as honest as you want to be. Be creative or keep it simple - the main thing is just be yourself!

And finally, the practical details: please keep your response to 2 pages (1 sided) of A4 or under. (Handwritten letters are especially welcome though it’s not obligatory) and if you can write down your age and occupation on the separate piece of paper and send it with your anonymous letter to the church office, no later than Sunday the 31st of Jan, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I look forward to receiving your response.Thanks in advance, Elli

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