Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Jonathan Bell

Today I travelled to Oxford to meet up with my great friend Jonathan Bell. Jonathan leads Church Central and I have quite a history with him. When they first started the church, Liz and I spent a weekend with him & Helen wondering whether to join them! Clearly we didnt, but we have been friends ever since.

Today I picked his brain about multiple meetings. In the New Year they are going multi-site; two morning meeting but in different locations. He talked me through the logistics of the same preacher & worship band at both the 9:45 and the 11:15 meetings (which are in different parts of the city)!

I probed him on his experiences of starting an evening meeting, which they closed after just two terms. Strangely, their experience stirs me to learn their lessons and press on in faith for our venture!

It was such a great investment of time ... and it had a comedy journey to it. Jonathan got on the the wrong train out of Birmingham and headed to Plymouth. After a long & tortuous route via Cheltenham & Swindon he arrived 2 hours late! Very funny though!

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