Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A highlight from the weekend

On Sunday afternoon, our lifegroup hosted a Carol Service at Douglas Court (A home for the elderly at the end of our road). 12 of us went and we sung our hearts out, read passages from the bible and we reminded them that Christmas is about Jesus.

Whilst there I met Jim (name changed). He used to live in a caravan until it burnt down leaving him with nothing (he went out but had left a frying pan on the stove). He showed me the part of the garden he maintains, the leaves he had raked up that morning, his room and beloved cat. It was a privilege to meet him and hear his story.

The residents seemed to enjoy meeting us all, and Lucy & Zoe were a real hit! The staff have invited us back again to run an Easter service ... I still smile when I think of our time there.

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