Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Resilient Life

Last summer, Liz and I spent a day with Gordon and Gail MacDonald (courtesy of our friends at Kerith Community Church). We both thoroughly enjoyed their personalities, their teaching and their openness.

I have just finished another of his books 'A Resilient Life' and found it so helpful. Here is a man who in his early 70's is reflecting on his life and how he intends to finish well.

His honesty about his past mistakes and the lessons he has learnt is very refreshing. When people fail they have a unique perspective to bring. His reflections on the influences on his life has helped my journey into memories I have shut out for years.But most of all I like his idea of 'thinking big picture whilst doing the small things well'.

I think that this will be an important book for me, one that I keep revisiting as I journey into the second half of my life ...

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Karen said...

I often feel the greatest teaching comes from those who've failed.