Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Gift Days & Faith & Healing

Sunday was one of those mornings.

It was the second & final Sunday of the Gift Days. The total for the two Sundays ended up being twice the amount we asked for - God was extravagant and His people are truly generous!

During our time of worship the faith levels were so palpable that I felt compelled to give a general prayer for healing. I told people to place their hands on their ailment and I asked God to heal them.

It was fantastic when Joe Smith came and testified to his knee being healed ... it was such a supernatural yet ordinary moment!

I have been pondering the connection, if any, between the outpouring of faith for giving money and the faith for healing. I do find it curious that when faith is being exercised in one area of life (giving money), God responds to faith in a different area of life (healing a knee).

Joe Smith is a engineer, logical, faithful and needs 'good knees' to better serve his internship with us. I don't know why God, in a moment, healed Joe's knees but and other ailments in the congregation remained.

There is clearly much mystery and no favouritism when it comes to healing. But this I will say, when faith is being exercised, whether for giving money or healing, there is no telling what God will choose to do!


Tom said...


I want to raise question...

What was wrong with Joe's knees? Is there a natural explanation?

Have you asked these questions, or are you using 'healing' to mean 'better' or something a bit less strong than the NT use?

Do you think that it is wise to take some medical advice before giving a medical opinion?

I guess this would be hard to do in a church service, but it seems that truthfulness doesn't need to hurry, does it?

Did you know that cancers sometimes regress for reasons that we don't know? If that is the case, then should we be cautious in claiming that God did it, because, well, he might not have done this time...

Fair questions or no?

Sean Green said...

Hi Tom - you seem think like I do!

Joe is a rationale electronic engineeer, like me. He said that for the last few years his knees have not be able to support his weight in certain angles. On Sunday morning he knew God had done something and showed us what he hasnt been able to do previously. Before posting the blof entry I asked him again if he was still 'healed' (clumsy language I know). He said yes but now has pains in the muscles around the knee, he assumes that this is a result of them now being used differently.

I prefer to use the language of those who God works in - Joe says God has healed his knees, I am not a doctor so must go with his assessment (he's a sober minded engineer!)

I do think we Brits struggle with our culture of cynicism and I do want to push us all into believing that God longs to do more miraculous activity amongst us.

To your point around cancer - a very close friend in our congregation is battling with life threatening cancer so I have no appetite for 'bigging up' suspect healing.

That said, God is able to heal my dear friend, and I want to stir my own faith for prayer, if only to serve that family as best I can.

You have raised very helpful questions, healing is mysterious and must be handled with great sensitivity ... my primary point is pondering whether faith exercised for one area of church life can overflow into others areas.

I hope that brings some clarity ...

Joe said...

Hey Tom,

I'm the Joe with the knees. I would no doubt ask similar questions if it were someone else.

The issue with my knees began when I was about 14. I experienced pain in both knees whenever I did sport or even walking a few miles to school. I saw doctors at the time and eventually a knee specialist and they told me that it was due to me growing and the muscles around my knees not keeping up. They basically told me to just deal with it and take painkillers.

I'm now 22 and until this week still had the same problem, having to wear knee supports when playing football, which I didn't do very often because it took days to recover. I played football for an hour and a half last week and limped all the way home due to the pain. It's hard to explain in text but I haven't been able to bend my knees while supporting my weight on the balls of my feet for years. I've fallen down the stairs many a time from my knees giving way.

I've had my knees prayed for many times before and noticed slight improvements but always been cautious about claiming that they've been healed. I'm not going to attempt any kind of analysis of how and why healings happen or don't happen. All I can say is that last week I couldn't support my weight on my knees in the way mentioned earlier and having been prayed for, now I can. I think for me to pray for the pain to go in my knees, for it go and then not attribute that to God would seem a little ungrateful.


Tom said...

How are the knees now?