Wednesday, 11 November 2009

1 in 4

On Sunday I kicked off the new sermon series looking at embracing diversity. As part of my sermon preparation we conducted a brief survey of ethnic diversity at RFC and then compared that against the town.

1 in 4 adults at RFC don't come from the ethnic group White British which matched the stats for our town. However, we do have some work to regardings interns & deacons! (more data on Reading here).

75% of RFC are aged between 16-45 whilst Reading is only 50%. Interestingly, the 16-29 age group in Reading is at 25.3% whilst the South East of England is at 17.5% (more data on Reading here)

The series is based around Owen Hyltons book entitled 'Crossing the Divide'. Owen is with us on Sunday 22 Nov in the evening to be part of a Q&A session.


Adam said...

Hi Sean,

Congregations should be broadly representative of the local area if they are to minister effectively but the kind of ‘diversity’ you talk about only really goes skin deep.

Do you think that diversity is about more than skin colour? For example you supply a figure for percentage of non white elders at RFC but how many of your elders are women?

Best wishes,


Sean Green said...

Hi Adam - I fully agree that ethnicity is only a part of diversity. Our sermon series started with an interview with a deaf medical doctor and last week we interviewed a guy who left school aged 14 with nothing (except stolen woordwork tools!). This week we shall interview a black African who has married a british white - a marriage that crosses many divides!

The chart shown is just one aspect of us looking at diversity in church life. At RFC we have the traditional diversity of class, education and age and we are growing in disablity & ethnic diversity (the most obvious to see).

As for women elders - none of our elders are women. But that is not on the basis of a failure of diversity, rather a theological conviction on the roles of manhood and womanhood.