Thursday, 22 October 2009

What now for Prayer Meetings?

'Devote yourself to prayer, being watchful and thankful' Col 4v4.

Starting a Sunday evening meeting presents many challenges, not least that our church Prayer Meeting is currently on Sunday nights.

At our last elders meeting we tasked Sitho with coming up with a proposal that reflects our commitment to prayer. His initial thoughts have sparked a long email discussion between us all!

I thought it would be good to open up the debate to a wider audience, hence this blog entry. Here's my questions for you to answer:

"When and how should RFC gather as a church to pray?"

"How and when do other churches with evening meetings, pray together?"

We do need a plan by January next year so please comment on this or send me an email direct. Please be creative, and do state what you think is obvious (we may well have missed it!).


dave bish said...

we meet once a month, on the first wednesday of the month instead of home groups...

i'm starting to think that all prayer meetings should be in the same venue as the main meeting of the community - saying that this is meant for everyone.

Peter Harley said...

I think a focus on prayer for the churches growth within Life Groups need to be encouraged and expanded. I know Life Groups pray together already but this could also be a space for specific prayer need to be offered by the leadership teams to the Life group leaders.

In terms of whole church prayer I can see a possibility of morning prayer (not as early as 6.00) being popular midweek before the school run or commute starts. I know this is made successful in many other churches but would require quite a bit of stirring to get the church mobilised in prayer.

I completely agree with Bish that there needs to be a space and opportunity for the whole church to be able to pray together. finding a suitable time will require offering options to the church and getting feedback. As a church we all need to be contributing to working this out not just turning up to the events that the leadership team put on.