Sunday, 11 October 2009

Rested #2 - Sabbath Rest

Today I reminded us that, as Christians, we are released from the rules and regulations of the Jewish Sabbath laws and into the freedom of 'The sabbath is made for Man'.
  • A day for ceasing from our work.

  • A day for giving thanks to God for who He is & what He's done.

  • A day that reaffirms the truth of the Gospel.

  • A day to see the old Truths of the Gospel in new ways.

  • A day to gather to worship Jesus as church.

  • A day to be strengthened & encouraged in our faith.

  • A day to meet & express our unity in Jesus.

  • A day to serve & care & feast & laugh with others.

  • A day to reflect & ponder & review & learn from the previous week.

  • A day to ponder the pattern our life is weaving.

  • A day that helps to redefine our calling in life.

  • A day to settle in our hearts to 'want we we have'.

  • A day to be distinctively set part as the people of God.

  • A day each week to usher us into Biblical Rest.

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