Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A day on Mental Health

On Saturday 7th November, RFC are hosting a day entitled 'Cloudy days in Summer'. The day is open to anyone who has experienced mental illness and to those who support people through episodes of mental illness.

It will be held at our London Street offices from 10:00 - 16:15 and lunch will be provided. There is a £5 charge for the day and to book your place email the church office here.

The day will have three main sessions:

Session #1 A theology of Mental Health. This session aims to give a biblical overview of the holistic nature of Mankind and sin's effect since Adam's rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Andrew Ryland will be leading this session and he is the pastor of Beacon Church, Chertsey.

Session #2 Treatments & working with agencies. This session aims to give an overview of the various treatments & medication associated with Mental Illness. It will also outline the services available through Local Health Authorities & Social Services. It will be led by Dave Webb-Peploe who leads Jubilee Church, Shepperton. Dave suffered a psychotic breakdown at Uni, then worked as an approved social worker (authorised to section people ) and then a senior practitioner in mental health with Surrey County Council.

Session #3 - Supporting those with Mental Illness. The final session will be led by Pippa and Julie Sussex. Pippa has personal and professional experience of Mental Illness and works as an OT in Psychiatry. Julie works on staff at Beacon Church Camberley and has experience of supporting people with mental health issues. Together they will explore some of the areas surrounding how to best support those with mental illness.

Worship - the day will start and finish with time spent worshipping the God of all creation who has revealed His love for us. These times will be led by Andrew Gordon who is a trained social worker and is senior support worker in a drug and alcohol recovery house.


big mick said...

great you are tackling this,I always try to co operate with agencies even when others see them as the enemy! The right medication at the right time leaves a path for ministry in my experiance.good to see RFC at the cutting edge

bless you all
Big mick/barbies dad

Ros De Silva said...

Always a step ahead Sean! Brilliant! This is a subject close to my heart and I'm gutted I can't be there as I have a counselling placement training day. Will you be recording this? Would love to hear it.