Saturday, 10 October 2009

5km Time Trial @ TVP

This morning a number of us from church ran the 5Km Time Trial at Thames Valley Park. It was a beautiful morning ... and I had a lot to prove.

My 11 year old son is at the cusp of beating me over this distance. His PB is 21:52 and he set that 2 years ago (he hasn't done a time trial since). I simply had to beat that time today.

Thankfully I red-lined all the way and came in 29 seconds quicker but I think I will have to soon concede this distance.

Irritatingly, Jethro (who has just started drumming at RFC), beat me by 48 seconds whilst wearing tippy-tappy skater-boy plimsoles and Bermuda shorts. I seem to have all the right gear but no idea!

Barbie did her first run since having Rachel and Scott faithfully cheered us all home whilst holding the baby.

Kat LF did her first ever 5km in preparation for the Reading 1/2 and managed a sprint finish.

Richard first rode 45km then joined the race 10minutes after the start and still finished before the tail-enders!

My daughter Lucy ran an amazing 27:51 (with Liz) making her 50th out of the 71 finishers!

Thankfully Joshua didn't run today ... I'm still king of the 5km, for another week at least!


irene m said...

so...competitivness is really your thing then Sean..!!!

Sean Green said...

I am only competitive until I have lost ... then it's only agame and its the taking part that is important ;o)