Monday, 27 July 2009

Father, Son & Holy Spirit #2

Chapter 2 - Beholding the wonder of our Truine God; historical overview

'The three members of the Godhead work together in harmony. Not in unison, but in harmony. "Unison" expresses a form of unity, yet has no texture or richness. "Harmony", however, communicates the idea of a unified expression but only through differing yet complementary parts.

So it is with the Trinity. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not identical persons, but they are harmonious in accomplishing one undivided purpose, one undivided goal, one common work, since they each posses fully the one, undivided divine essence' p42

I am so enjoying the clarity of his writing - to send time reflecting on our truine God is actually 'exciting'. I literally have a welling up of joy as I reflect on how beautiful is the relationships within the Godhead.

Great chapter. Great Truine God!

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