Thursday, 30 July 2009

Father, Son & Holy Spirit #5

Chapter 5 - Beholding the Wonder of the Holy Spirit.

'When the Spirit came into the world, it is so clear that even though the Spirit proceeds from the Father, he is also sent from the Son (John 15:26; Acts 2:33). Yet although the Spirit is sent from both the Father and the Son, he shows no resentment. The Spirit accepts this role. He embraces it. He joyfully, willingly takes the position of third - all the time third'. p129

I initially felt uncomfortable with Ware's conclusion that the Holy Spirit takes the position of third, all the time third. I guess it exposes my desire to jockey and compete for the winning first place ... who wants to come third in anything?

As Brits we love the underdog ... yet the Holy Spirit is no underdog. He willing embraces being third not because he can't do any better ... rather because it is an expression of the harmony with the Father and Son.

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