Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Father, Son & Holy Spirit #4

Chapter 4 - Beholding the Wonder of the Son

Marvel at the submission of the incarnate Son to the Spirit over whom he, in his eternal existence, had rights of authority.

Marvel at the willingness, the humility, the condescension of the Son to submit to the leadership, the directives, the enablement of the Spirit. In particular, take to heart the level of the son's submission to the Spirit when the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness for forty days to be tempted by the devil'. p99

I naively assumed it was fairly easy for Jesus to fast for 40 days and then be tempted by the Devil. After all, hadn't Jesus just been affirmed by His Father and anointed by the Holy Spirit?

But, on reflection, it is truely marvelous. For Jesus to follow another's lead, (one who je you previously had authority over) to a place of solitude and thirst and hunger and perilous temptation, is an amazing act of trust and submission and humility.

Jesus is the wonderful, eternal, fully divine, matchless, 'humility personified', second person of the Truine God.

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