Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Father, Son & Holy Spirit #3

Chapter 3 - Beholding the Wonder of the Father

'While the Father is supreme in the Trinity, while it is His plan and purpose that is accomplished through the Son and Spirit, yet the Father chooses not to work in such a way that the Son and Spirit are sidelined. In fact, the Father refuses even to be noticed first and foremost, in order that the central attention might be given to his Son'. p56

My central attention is given to Jesus, He takes centre stage in my divine affections. I have such a deep, raw, primal love for Jesus. Jesus the 'man' and 'my brother' propels me to him. And yet, behind this is the supreme, humble, God the Father.

I have never thought of it like this - to see both the Father's humility and authority demonstrated as the Son does the Father's will.

The Father's will is for the Son to be glorified, this in itself further magnifies the Father's glory!!! Beholding the wonder of the Father is no small thing.

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