Friday, 24 July 2009

Father, Son & Holy Spirit #1

I have started reading Bruce Ware's book on the Relationship, Roles and Relevance of the Trinity. My plan is to blog on each chapter to help me engage with the material, so here goes...

Chapter 1 - Beholding the Wonder of Our Truine God: importance of this doctrine.

In this chapter he outlines ten reason to focus on the wonder of the Trinity and his eighth reason thrilled me:

'The triune relationships of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit cause us to wonder at the socio relationality of the triune God ... In this tri-Personal relationship the three Persons love one another, support one another, assist one another, team with one another, honour one another, communicate with one another and in everything, respect and enjoy one another' p20.

I love being around people who know each other really well and still love each other! To be around good friends whilst working hard, or simply relaxing together, is both a joy and a tonic to me. To be in good relationship, to know and understand one another, to respect and value each others differences and contribution is a slice of heaven for me.

To see again the roots of this joy is traced to our Truine God compels me to press in to persue an even greater expression of 'triune team life'!

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