Thursday, 23 July 2009

Crossing the Divide

Sometimes I read a book that resonates with where we are as a church.

‘Crossing the Divide’ by Owen Hylton is such a book. He argues that crossing the divide and embracing diversity is at the very heart of God’s plan and purposes for the church.

As a church community we have made a really good start in this area. Approx 20% of us who gather on a Sunday morning are not 'White-British', compared to 16% of Reading. Our challenge is to continue to embrace our diversity by acknowledging the barriers between us (the ones in our minds!).

Over the next month, why not invite someone to your home for a meal who isn’t like you. Invite someone who is different in age, background, colour, language or race. And ask them to tell their story. Owen says “Who we eat with says something not only about our faith but about our relationships”.

Let’s be those who don’t settle for simply being part of a diverse church, but those who have, and value, diverse friendships.

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Cid GdV said...

Undoubtedly, having an universal and a diverse church is part of the God's dream. I'm glad to be part of it.