Thursday, 25 June 2009

RFC in the news

This is an extract of the online version of the article which was on page 2 of the Reading Chronicle.

A CHURCH congregation is hearing the word of the Lord...according to The Chronicle. The pastor of Reading Family Church is basing his Sunday sermons every week on a story from our pages.

Pastor Sean Green, 41, said: “Reading the paper and having the sermons is a good way to see what is going on and think, 'How can I play my part?’. It is about trying to encourage people to get involved.

“We are living in a vibrant town and the church historically has always been involved in the town and society. But increasingly we are all caught up in our own lives, isolated and not getting to grips with the issues going on around us.

“There is loads going on in the town and Christians need to be engaged with it.”
Full story here.

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