Tuesday, 30 June 2009


On Sunday I concluded our series on Chronicles of Reading by looking at how we can help our friends mourn.

I mentioned the sermon preached at Jade Goody's funeral - to read the full transcript, click here.

I also read Georgie Wallace's advice on helping people grieve. Georgie is a member of our church and her husband died 13 years ago. I have listed it below:

Don't be afraid to talk about the person who has died and let them talk about them too.

Don't be afraid you might remind them and make them cry...crying is good and it's never off their mind.

Stick with it for the long haul, there will be plenty of support in the early weeks, you need to help see them through that first awful year. A phone call, a visit or a card means so much.

Don't set them a time scale in which to recover, it makes them feel like they're not doing very well. Let them take their own time, everyone experiences grief differently and recovery takes longer for some than others.

Do pray for them, or with them if they want you to, people can be more open to God at a time like that.

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