Tuesday, 16 June 2009

We dont want a Cappuccino Church

A Cappuccino Church is one where there are blacks & whites but the whites are on top. We don't want to be like that.

16% of our town aren't White British and yet approx 20% of our church community aren't White British, 20% of our eldership aren't White British and 40% of our worship leaders aren't White British. These stats puts a smile on my face.

But 0% our deacons aren't White British and only 8% of our Life Group Leaders aren't White British. Work to be done here.

Without getting into a long theological discussion on why White British culture does not fully express Kingdom culture, it is worth remembering that the church is to be a gallery displaying and celebrating 'redeemed' cultures. A church with multi-ethnic leadership at all levels will better display the glory of God's wisdom!

This is why I have been badgering / inviting those of our church community who aren't White British to come this Saturday to 'Love the church'. I want us to continue to buck the trend in Reading and show how we increasing enjoy our unity as God's people because of His grace.


dave bish said...

Get Reverend Green with his Coffee analogies!

Sean Green said...

I prefer to be known as Bishop Green ... Reverend Green is too 'Cluedo' for me!

dave bish said...

Indeed ;)

Anonymous said...

I take it then that this excludes me as my priest is a capuchin monk.

Really, if you want people to take your theology seriously then you should learn to speak your language properly and free from jargon, otherwise people will lose faith that you actually understand what you're saying!