Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ecclesiates 10

A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything (v19).

Humanly speaking, money is the great answer for most, if not all, of life's problems. We can buy healthcare, lifestyles, friends and even love (to some degree). But the phrase 'money is the answer for everything' needs to be looked at seriously, after all, it's in the bible! What does it really mean?
  • Is this a wry comment on human values?
  • Is this sober advice to earn a good living rather than have a good time?
  • Is this stating the great versatility of money?
Money is morally neutral but Jesus is very interested in our attitude to money and how we use it. After all, it's His money that is the answer to everything.


Phil said...

hi Sean, enjoying your thoughts on Ecclesiastes. Just wondered how if money is morally neutral you'd understand Jesus words in Mt 13:22 where he calls money/riches deceitful?

I guess I would say money is like us, it can be redeemed and used for kingdom purposes but unredeemed well, we just have to look at our MPs!

Sean Green said...

Hi Phil - I do think money is neutral but money can reveal our heart attitudes. I think the passage in Mt13v22 is about attitudes to money and wealth. These attititudes need to be redeemded, not the the hysical things themselves.

I don't want to get into word play but do want to avoid thinking money or posession inherently wrong in themselves, they can be a blessing from God if our heart attitide to them is right / redeemed!

Phil said...

Thanks Sean, I appreciate you responding. It's making me think as you'll see from my blog.