Monday, 1 June 2009

Ecclesiastes 1

"Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the Teacher. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless."

With such a cheery declaration, so begins one of my favourite books in the bible. The basic thrust of the book is that 'all of life is meaningless, useless, hollow, futile and vain if not rightly related to God' (NIV study bible).

So Liz is ironing yet again and the dishes have been washed up, again. Zoe's school shoes were beautifully polished this morning, and now they need to be done again. I have spent today decorating, knowing it will all need doing again, much sooner than I would like.

Ecclesiastes talks about and makes sense of life's constant repetition.

Yes, we want kids growing up in a tidy home and for them to look presentable. But the routine and the mundane of life only makes sense when you consider who it is we serve.


dave bish said...

12 days of Ecclesiastes blogging?
I love this book.

Karen said...

Cool. My notes for this month are on Ecclesiastes. Must admit, it's not one I've delved into much before, so be good to learn from them and from what you're blogging here. Double bubble! :-)

Karen said...

As an aside, having kids growing up in a tidy home. I've learnt to let that one go. Happiness hides the dust.

Anonymous said...

I'm working backwards, having just commented at the conclusion of your Ecclesiastes posts and working my way back to here!
"Meaningless" might be the term that an arrogant man, overconfident of his own cleverness, would apply to a thing the meaning of which was too intricate for him to understand. In effect, what a brash man labels "meaningless", a modest man might label "too intricate for me to grasp". This book is so unique, both inside and outside the context of The Bible.

HAROLD HECUBA (on a rainy night in southern Ontario, Canada)