Tuesday, 26 May 2009

War & Sin

This morning I had a few hours to myself so I indulged in a movie and a book.
Saints & Soldiers is loosely based around the WW2 massacre at Malmedy. It follows a small band of American soldiers as they try to evade capture and return to their lines. The horror of war is mixed with honour and morality. One of the principle figures is a Mormon, which makes for a fascinating interplay of faith and duty. What is overriding is the brutality and violence that man metes out under the auspices of war.

I then read the first few pages of chapter 4 in the Cross of Christ by John Stott. In this chapter he asks "Why doesn't God simply forgive us?" to which he answers "because we haven't fully considered the seriousness of sin and the majesty of God".

Saints & Soldiers vividly portrays the carnage & destruction caused by the effects of sin amongst men. I suspect Mr Stott will portray, with literary 3D, the far reaching and damning effects of our sin against God. It will be an uncomfortable chapter in the book, but deeply helpful in my appreciation of Jesus.

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