Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Chronicles of Reading

This Sunday I am starting a new six week sermon series entitled 'The Chronicles of Reading'. Each week, I plan to preach into one of the Reading Chronicle's top stories (and yes please get hold of a copy and try to figure out which one it will be!).

As a church we need to involved in the life of the town and also be equipped to speak into what is going on - hence this series. I won't be spending all my time pointing out what we are against, rather to help us think clearly and be blessing to our town.

Please do pray for me this week as I prepare, not least that I feel much better than I do right now!


Oranjepan said...

Will you be posting these on your blog for the benefit of those who don't attend?

nathan82 said...

What a fantastic idea! Would be really interesting if you could blog a little summary even if you weren't to put the whole thing up.

Sean Green said...

I do intend to post a summary of the preach each week ... you could of course listen to the whole message online when it gets posted here http://www.readingfamilychurch.org.uk/sermonarchive.php