Tuesday, 12 May 2009

4 days of prayer @ RFC

Today is the start of our 4 days of prayer and I am going back to the old fashion practice of 'solitude'.

I am at a Christian retreat centre in Oxfordshire to be on my own for the next 2 days (my room overlooks trees and I can make tea using a teapot - outstanding!) I enjoy solitude and will spend time reading the bible, praying, thinking and journaling. I have also brought a copy of 'The soul winner' by Charles Spurgeon to encourage my appetite for seeing people in Reading trusting in Jesus!

I won't be at the prayer meeting tonight but will join you all on wednesday evening and the Thurs/Friday prayer meetings. Do press in and seek God's face over the next few days, He is a wonderful Father to us.


Richard Walker said...

I'm jealous!


Karen said...

I'm on Richard's boat. Is it wrong to be envious of you having the solitude? I can't remember what this is anymore!