Saturday, 11 April 2009


Shortly after 7:00am this morning, in the rain, I got a puncture. 3 miles into a 27mile ride. Rubbish. My buddies Richard, James and Kirk were a great support ... in a 'make witty comments whilst watching' kind of way.

It was the first time I have tried to fix a puncture using the tools I carry with me. Sadly, the tyre irons seem to be made of chocolate and were useless. My pump, which promised inflation pressures of 90psi, refused to go much above 30psi. All fuel for their 'oh so funny' humour.

I suspect they will greatly embellish & exaggerate the ordeal. To be fair I wasn't slick (bad tools / workman / blaming) but I eventually got the job done!

And for the record, the trye has stayed up.

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Karen said...

Glad you managed to sort it out eventually. What rotters!! lol

Reminds me of the times Andy and I have camped with friends. Whoever got pitched first would sit with a cup of tea watching the other side attempt to pitch and only when they'd nearly finished would we give in and make them a cuppa too and vice versa if they'd been watching us!! Used to be some good laughs especially when it rained and was windy. All done in good jest though.