Monday, 16 March 2009

A racing dilemma

2 weeks to go until the Reading 1/2 and my running has been going well, yesterday I ran 14 miles very comfortably. I received my race pack today and it turns out there will be a pace runner for my target time of 1hr 35mins.

Meanwhile, my training buddy Kirk is also doing well, he did 16 miles on Friday and is looking really strong.

Here is my dilemma .... do I stick with the pace runner and go for a solid 1:35 or do I run with Kirk and perhaps get an even better time?

This may seem trivial but race plans are important! I sense this dilemma reveals more about my psychology than it does about race strategy, even so I do need to decide!

Decisions, decisions ...


irene m said...

Gosh Sean you are a prolific blogger...every time I sign in you have a new entry.!!!
My blog is more like a once a week thing or even less..mind you I love reading blogs..does that make me a sad person ..or just a nosey one....

Tom said...

Tail your running buddy, if he out paces you, then drop back to the pacer.

Find out who the pacer is and look for them.