Thursday, 26 March 2009


So today was the last race of the Schools Cross Country season and Joshua & Lucy were both representing their school.

It was a 4 x 1.2km relay race with Lucy in the year 3/4 girls team and Joshua in the year 5/6 boys team.

Lucy's team won today and were also first overall in the race season - so she took home her first two cross country medals! Hooray!!!

Joshua's team came in second today and were second overall, so he also got to add to his ever growing collection.

Why am I blogging on this? Because I am their proud dad ... and I have never 'won' a medal in my life!


Richard Walker said...

Neither have I, at least not that I can remember.

We've got our James 1:12 moment to look forward to though.

Becki said...

Congrats on the half marathon, I saw Craig and he told me your time.
I didn't wish you luck this morning as when I saw you in church I figured you were out because of your achilles tendon!

Did any other Greens do the half marathon / green park challenge? You seem to be becoming a family of top class sportsmen and women!

Jems said...

Well done to all three of you! That's a lot of km all your feet have pounded! lol