Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tea & Hobnobs & Grapes

Last night I sat in on our church membership evening, which in essence focuses on relationships & dealing with conflict.

It was quite a diverse group: Melita & Tolu are from Kenya & Nigeria respectively, Robert is from Lithuania, Andrew is from Egypt and is married to Jenny, Peter is from the Isle of Wight and Mike & Carol seemed to have lived in quite a few places!

Yet we all sat together drinking tea, munching chocolate hobnobs & grapes with a sense of being joined together in Christ through a local church.

Of course I had hoped we would be a multicultural church - but I never dreamt it would mean the blind, the deaf and the able bodied gathering together as well.

Oh, and the camera on my BlackBerry is rubbish.

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Richard Walker said...

That was indeed a great and heart-warming evening!